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One Tree Hill Quotes

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RULES - Please read before joining.

- Please only post entries that fall under the catergory of quotes.  This can be quotes that cast members said or dialogue you have found interesting,
- Icons/Layouts/Wallpapers that feature quotes from the show will be allowed.  Please keep images to less than three or it must be under a LJ Cut.
- If someone asks for credit on an image they made, please give credit!
- If you know what episode/season the quote came from, that would be GREAT! But not required.
- Any quotes posted from the newest episode, please put under a LJ Cut up to 24 hours after the show has been aired.  Some quotes can be considered spolierish!
- Any post that does not follow these rules will be deleted.

If you have any questions please contact me through this POST or IM me on AIM: jenduncare2day or Yahoo: j3nnif3r_1218.

MODERATORS: ducttapedhalo

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